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Legends of Uzarn runs on the public blockchain Bitcoin SV and uses it to store all game actions and assets, in a transparent and auditable way. In order to play, you need to fund your Bitcoin wallet. The wallet is non-custodial, meaning it is stored on your device. Your wallet never leaves your device and we have no access to your funds. In order to add or withdraw funds, click the "Satoshis" text on the header at the top right while in the lobby.

Click to view your wallet

This will bring up the wallet screen which will let you add funds, and withdraw funds to any valid Bitcoin SV (BSV) address. You may also backup your wallet from this screen by recording the 12 word seed phrase. Anyone with access to this seed phrase has access to your funds and collection, so keep it safe.

Inside your wallet you can connect your Handcash or easily fund your wallet with a QR code

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