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Market screen

In order to obtain cards that are no longer in print, you have to buy them of another player. The Market is used to create listings for cards in your collection and sell them for Bitcoin. To list a card for sale, click the Sell Cards button. A popup will appear showing your collection of cards that can be sold. Note that the generated starter cards cannot be listed. Only cards obtained through Card Packs, or purchased from other players can be listed.

To purchase a card, simply click on it. A popup will show confirming if you want to spend the satoshi / USD amount listed on the card.

Click buy to confirm the trade

Once the trade is complete, the specified satoshi amount will be deducted from your purse and sent to the seller. Legends of Uzarn takes a 5% cut on all Market card trades.

The Market is also where you buy new Card Packs. Click the Buy Pack button to do so. A popup will appear confirming if you wish to spend the required amount of credits to purchase it. Legends of Uzarn does not take any cut from minting or opening Card Packs.

Click Buy to confirm the Card Pack purchase

Once you own a Card Pack, you may open it with the Open Pack button. A popup will appear showing what Card Packs you own. Click on any of them to open it. If you do, new cards will be minted, added to your collection and a window will appear showing what was in the pack.

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