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Welcome to Legends of Uzarn, an online, play-to-earn trading card game where you truly own all your cards and assets. Players can trade these cards and assets for Bitcoin, earning real money in the process.

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In Legends of Uzarn, players engage in matches to earn credits, which are then used to mint new cards via card packs. Each pack contains 15 randomly selected cards from the current card set in print. Once a card set goes out of print, new card packs for that set can no longer be created, creating a cap on the supply of those cards.

During a match, players take turns building their deck by buying cards from their sideboard, casting spells and attempting to defeat their opponent. This is typically done by reducing the opponent's life total to zero or below.

When a winner is determined, the match ends, and new credits are distributed to the players. The winner receives the majority of the credits, while the losing player still earns some credits, provided they did not concede or disconnect.

With their newly minted cards, players can then trade them on the market and earn Bitcoin. The economy of Legends of Uzarn is designed to maximize value for the players, offering the potential for short-term and long-term profits through playing the game.

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