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Deck Builder

Deck Builder and collection screen

The Deck Builder is where players can create, edit, and manage their decks. It provides a user-friendly interface for players to view their card collection, build and save decks, and validate the deck for the current game format.

To create a new deck, players can simply drag and drop cards from their collection into the Starting Deck and Sideboard windows. The number of copies of a card present in the deck is indicated by a sandy icon with a number above the card.

To save a deck, players can click the Save Deck button and provide a name for the deck. The deck will then be stored and can be loaded at a later time. To load an existing deck, players can click the Load Deck button, select the desired deck, and edit it as needed.

For players looking to ensure their deck is valid for the current game format, the Deck Builder includes a Validate Deck feature. By clicking this button, players can check for any invalid cards and receive a message indicating any issues found. This feature is particularly useful for players looking to compete in tournaments or other formal game settings.

Deck validity message

You may also check the deck info on the bottom left for validity.

A valid deck
An invalid deck
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