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Card Rarity


Cards have 1 of 5 rarity types. Cards with higher rarity are harder to find in Card Packs and are significantly more powerful. Rarity is indicated by the color of the set icon on the bottom of the card.

  • Basic Treasure - Basic starting Treasure. Has a power level of 0 and is mostly used to fill starter decks. The set icon is white.
  • Common - Common rarity card. Can be used in starting decks provided their power level does not exceed the format rules. The set icon is white.
  • Uncommon - More powerful cards that cannot be present in starting decks. Usually the first cards you will purchase from your sideboard. The set icon is blue.
  • Rare - Powerful and expensive cards. Only 1 rare is present in each card pack. These are valuable cards which will win you the game. The set icon is gold.
  • Mythic - Very powerful and valuable cards. A Card Pack only has a 20% chance of containing a Mythic card. The set icon is red.

Legendary cards are special cards that are extremely powerful but also play a significant part in the lore. They are marked "Legendary" in the card type box. They are often characters who recur throughout the sets or play a significant role in that set's theme. A deck may only contain a single copy of each Legendary card, even if it is a reprint from a different set.

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