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Card Attributes


Indestructible - This card cannot be destroyed by abilities that state Destroy.

Stealth - This Creature cannot be attacked during Declare Attackers phase.

Haste - This Creature is not effected by summoning sickness.

Deathtouch - When this Creature deals damage to any other Creature, the other Creature is destroyed, regardless of the amount of damage.

Flying - This Creature can only be blocked by other Creatures with Flying or Reach.

HexProof - This card cannot be targeted by opponent's spells or abilities that specify target in their ability text.

Trample - Remaining Creature attack damage is dealt over blockers if the combined blocker's toughness is less than the attacker's power.

Reach - Can block a Creature with Flying. Reach is only valid if the Creature also has Defender.

Vigilance - Creature does not tap when declaring attack.

Lifelink - Damage dealt by this Creature is healed as life.

Defender - This Creature can block attacking Creatures. If a number is specified after the attribute i.e. Defender 3, it can block that number of attackers simultaneously.

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