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Legends of Uzarn 2.0 Release

January 31, 2023
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We are excited to announce the release of Legends of Uzarn 2.0! This release introduces massive performance and reliability changes which allows us to scale this game to massive levels. To facilitate this, players no longer need any BSV to play LoU! Almost all txs are now free and only essential data is written to the blockchain, such as Card and Credits NFTs. This opens up our market to new audiences, outside of crypto, and lets them play and collect for free. All existing NFTs and data are still on chain and will continue to function as normal.

Full changelog:

  • Almost all transactions are now free meaning the player does not require BSV in their wallet to play.
  • Game transactions are now aggregated in memory and flattened into a single transaction at the end of game, improving performance and reliability by several orders of magnitude.
  • Almost all logic has been moved from the client onto the server, making it very lightweight and simple (Player wallets are still non-custodial). This will enable cross platform clients in the future.
  • Card images are now generated on the server, with 99x performance increase.
  • New landing page and blog.
  • Several security improvements and bug fixes.
  • Avatars in-game.


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